The Secret Garden

Book and Lyrics by MARSHA NORMAN
Production co-conceived by JORGE COUSINEAU and TERRENCE J. NOLEN
Based on the novel by FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT
On the F. Otto Haas Stage
May 12 – June 26, 2016   EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes including one 15-minute intermission.
Strobe and haze effects are used in this production.

After the sudden death of her parents, ten-year-old Mary Lennox is sent to live with an uncle whom she’s never met. Mourning the loss of his own true love, Uncle Archibald is distant and strange. Cold, bleak Misselthwaite Manor, haunted by spirits and secrets of the past, is no place for a little girl. Strong-willed and brave-hearted, Mary finds solace in a locked-up, hidden garden, and with it, a path to rebirth, proving that hope can bloom from the darkest of places. Based on the beloved novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden’s heartwarming story and beautiful, soaring ballads make this Tony Award-winning musical a treat for young and old alike!

Enjoyed most by teens, and kids ages 10 and up. 

Erika Amato (Mrs. Winthrop, Mrs. Shelley)
Jeffrey Coon  (Archibald Craven)
Sarah Gliko (Alice, Robin, Rose Lennox)
Scott Greer (Major Shelley)
Jim Hogan (Dr. Neville Craven)
Joanne Javien (Ayah)
Alex Keiper  (Martha)
Anthony Lawton (Ben, Lt. Peter Wright)
Elisa Matthews  (Lily Craven)
Sally Mercer (Mrs. Medlock)
Hudson Orfe (Colin Craven)
Steve Pacek  (Dickon)
Bailey Ryon (Mary Lennox)
Nikhil Saboo (Fakir)
James Stabp (Captain Albert Lennox)

Terrence J. Nolen
Scenic and Video Designer
Jorge Cousineau
Costume Designer
Olivera Gajic
Lighting Designer
Solomon Weisbard
Sound Designer
Daniel Perelstein
Stage Manager
Alec E. Ferrell
Assistant Stage Manager
Kate Nelson
Assistant Director
Amanda Schoonover
Niki Cousineau
Music Director
Ryan Touhey
Associate Music Director/Conductor
Amanda Morton
New Orchestrations by
Larry Lees
Amanda Morton
Reed 1 (Clarinet/Flute/Piccolo/Bass Clarinet)
Sean Bailey
Reed 2 (Oboe/English Horn)
Matthew Shipp
Ryan Kiple
Amber Reed
Justin Yoder
Tom Cook
Andrew Nelson
Mike Reilly
Reed 3 (Piccolo)
Sarah Gliko
Acoustic Guitar
Scott Greer
Music Preparation by Mad Tea Music


Critical Acclaim -


“It is captivatingly creative and inspired.”
“Nolen and Cousineau's vision renders the production simply extraordinary.”
“…As gorgeous as ever.”
- The Philadelphia Inquirer Read more here

"I can’t imagine a happier introduction to The Secret Garden than the Arden’s beautiful, heartfelt, and visually glorious production."
"What co-conceivers Terry Nolen and Jorge Cousineau do is nothing short of astonishing, never less than engaging, especially in the hands of Arden’s blue-chip ensemble — not a weak link among them." 
- Philadelphia Magazine Read more here

"...But the secret weapons of this show may be slightly higher-voiced. Bailey Ryon, 13 going on 14 and a native of Glen Rock, York County, plays Mary Lennox with a winning tenacity that makes the neglected garden blossom. Hudson Orfe is the tall-for-a-12-year-old from Titusville, N.J., who plays tart Colin Craven: His sickliness is 
The Secret Garden 's plot pivot."

By: A.D. Amorosi
- The Philadelphia Inquirer
 Read more here

"A show that demands serious consideration by Barrymore Award judges for this season's best musical production."
"She (Bailey Ryon) fills her demanding role easily – if her character, Mary Lennox, were real, she couldn't ask for a better avatar than Ryon."
- Newsworks Read more here

“This deliciously delightful production can be enjoyed on many levels.”
“Bailey Ryon is marvelous in her role of Mary Lennox, but then everyone else is outstanding in their role as well.”
“When Jeffrey Coons (Archibald Cravens) sings, whether it is a solo, a duet, a quartet or with the company, magic happens.”
“Everything about this performance works as smoothly as a long-running Broadway show.”
“Don’t miss an opportunity to see The Secret Garden at the Arden.”
 - Beyond My Backyard Read more here

“I have to tell you – I loved the show so much, I hope to get the chance to see it again before the end of its run.”
 - Mama Cheaps Read more here

“…there is much to be enjoyed.”
 - Broad Street Review Read more here

“A top-notch cast and an unusual, but magical, set make for a completely enchanting 'The Secret Garden' at Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia"
"the totally unique set that truly elevates the show."
"'The Secret Garden' requires strong singers and Arden had that in Jeffrey Coon's tortured Archibald Craven and Elisa Matthews' ethereal Lily Craven, whose arias are phenomenal.”
 - Allentown Morning Call Read more here

“…couldn’t be a more perfect fit for this time of blooming spring flowers, chirping birds, and regeneration after a cold dark winter.”
“Bailey Ryon is remarkable”
“a stellar ensemble of actors, singers, and musicians.”
“exquisite ballads and harmonies!”
“…there is not a missed note or a weak link in the production.”
 - Phindie Read more here

“this method of bringing us to Mary’s homes both in India and England is incredibly distinctive. Scenic and video designer Jorge Cousineau does a truly remarkable job.”
“The cast of 'The Secret Garden' is perfect.”
“Though they are young, Bailey Ryon and Hudson Orfe play the parts of the main children with startling precision. Their voices are sublime, and their acting is believable. They contribute much of the charm that makes this show beautiful.”
“Jeffrey Coon, for example, gives an exceptionally moving performance”
 - PA Theatre Guide Read more here

“a remarkable production.”
“Viewing this show as an adult, I fell in love with the show all over again.”
“The Arden’s production is creative and the cast is exquisite, it is an exceptional production that brings to life this well-known children’s story.”
“a visually striking production that is unlike anything I have seen before.”
“ the Scenic and Video Design by Jorge Cousineau added an original visual element to the show that provided a dollhouse like quality and assisted in bringing this story to life.”
 - Theatre Sensation Read more here

A Secret Garden grows in Old City
 - Broad Street Review Read more here

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